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How Does It Work
AIS High Speed Internet uses a technology called Fixed Wireless. This means that each client on the system is fixed in one location and not mobile. We have base stations that transmit and receive the Internet connection to all our clients. The base stations are located high above the ground on towers or other tall structures in the area. This allows our service to reach our clients without obstructions to the signal. Our service does not always require a clear line of sight between the client and the base station but it helps a great deal and is the optimal configuration. Our equipment operates in the 5Ghz microwave frequency band. This band is reserved for applications such as Internet access and data communication. This band has several advantages over other data bands including cost effectiveness and large capacity for bandwidth. Our network has an Internet feed provided to us using fibre optic technology. We then own our entire network. This gives us full control over our systems and makes our service cost effective.
Is it affected by weather?

In some cases severe rain or snow can actually improve our signal. Compared to satellite technologies, we use a much lower frequency. Satellite operates at about 12 gigahertz. This means that the water vapor and clouds in the atmosphere readily absorb this signal. Water has a much stronger tendency to absorb signals above 10 gigahertz.
Since our equipment operates at 5 gigahertz it is well below the absorption frequency of water. Weather can have an extremely small impact on signal strength but the affect is negligible. Weather has much stronger impact on the level of natural radio noise. Severe weather reduces the amount of background noise and this makes it easier for the equipment to receive it's signal.
The Map is only an approximate coverage area.
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